Fraud Technology Trend Talks

Feb 8, 2016


Preventing Fraud in Accounts Payable: Trend Talk by Rich Lanza

In November, 2015, I delivered a 60-minute presentation on fraud and
accounts payable at the London, UK Basware Trend Talks event. 
Basware is the global leader in procure to pay and e-invoicing technology. 
Please see below link to the video and the below learning objectives of
this Trend Talk:

  • Understand the opportunities and threats that alternative financing schemes, such as supply chain finance and early payment discounts, present
  • Learn how you are susceptible to fraud, and how to scan your team for the signs
  • Discover why the vendor account presents one of the easiest ways to steal from the company, and how to identify different types of fraud across the procure-to-pay process
  • See how report surveillance has been shown to reduce fraud by 66% while dropping detection timeframes by 50%
  • Hear how cost-cutting reviews can become an effective defense against fraud
  • Walk away with new methods of detecting errors and fraud

This presentation is a summary of what my firm, Audit Software Professions, provides to clients through the Business Process Diagnostic Reporting service which is a data analytic service applied to core business cycles focusing on results: improving operations, identifying cash savings and detecting anomalies such as errors, fraud and inefficiencies.

Click Here to View the Taped Video Presentation

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