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Why Use Cash Recovery Partners LLC?

We want to maximize your savings using analytics and are the pros in this area – By combining quick-hits reporting and cost recovery, the objective is to provide savings that far exceed the investment in analytics (it should pay for itself at the onset). This establishes a perpetual cash machine that operates with the intent of saving multiples of any investment in time and technology costs:

CRP, LLC, L.L.C. speeds the entire analytic development process by bringing immediate specialized reporting expertise which includes hundreds of ACL scripts and other Excel templates that have been built over their two decades of experience.

Cost recovery methodologies and suggested business partners will be integrated into the reporting wherever applicable, following techniques in Rich Lanza’s John Wiley publication Cost Recovery: Turning Your Accounts Payable Department into a Profit Center.

We can help you pick your next sample with our experience and analytics – Specialized experience in analytic report risk ranking, transactional scoring, graphing, dashboarding, account sequencing, and other statistical techniques which aim to provide greater efficiencies in selecting samples, a better starting point for analytics, and a plan towards improving audit quality over time.

Full automation using fast scripting and Excel macros – Menu-based report and other data normalization scripts will provide further efficiencies so that report execution time for future audits will be minimized.

Tool independence – Given CRP, LLC is tool independent, various additional products can be utilized such as Excel’s OLAP processing and WizSoft products to provide further statistical insight. CRP, LLC is trained in and is the listed trainer for many of these audit software products.

We can Provide NASBA credits for courses – Cash Recovery Partners is an accredited trainer with NASBA and will provide CPE credits for attendance/participation in live and webinar events. CRP, LLC is also the only known company to have over 70 hours of just in time data analytic video training which is provided to the entire team as part of this engagement and focuses on ACL, Excel, and other softwares.

Utilize Top Research in the Field – Knowledge will be integrated from many sources including the already noted Cost Recovery publication and other research publications authored or co-authored by Rich Lanza: IIA’s GTAG 13 – Fraud In an Automated World, ISACA’s recent Data Analysis whitepaper, The IIA’s Proactively Detecting Fraud Using Computer Assisted Audit Reports and The Buyer’s Guide to Audit and Assurance Software.

Cash, Error, and Fraud Surveillance – Pre-built systems have already been developed within accounts payable, general ledger, T&E cards, payroll, and more. We model all engagements around cost savings to recycle free cash which pays for the automation and further provides a cash return on investment.

We currently provide full systems below and have additional smaller systems for T&E, PCard, Payroll, Revenue, and Inventory Analysis:

  • Procedure to Pay Error and Fraud Surveillance System
  • General Ledger & Journal Entry Surveillance System

Rich constantly presents for private organizations and publically for associations (click here to schedule Rich) with his mixture of analytics, business experience, and magic (to maintain audience attention).  Also see AuditSoftwarevideos.com, a free website with over 70 hours of training videos and sample data files in ACL Desktop, Excel, Access, ActiveData, and more.

Consulting – We provide a low-cost opportunity to work with veterans in the field. Go direct to the source for quality analytic talent in the areas of financial and controls auditing, proactive fraud detection, and cost recovery analytics.